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One of my bodypaintings from last year. I need to paint more #bodypainting #art #artist #babe #itsart #humanbeauty #dancer #sydney #blacklight

One of my bodypaintings from last year. I need to paint more #bodypainting #art #artist #babe #itsart #humanbeauty #dancer #sydney #blacklight

Apr 4

Invoke Card game .. I was testing some motion effects when I could not sleep .. I figure effects like that might make the how to play videos more fun.

Apr 4

Invoke Card game .. I was testing some motion effects when I could not sleep .. I figure effects like that might make the how to play videos more fun. #bodypainting

Dec 3

Side Project … A Card game !

So I started working on a card game to sharpen up my skills. The idea is that the fine brush work will help me with my bodypainting later … (There is not such thing as wasted art time)

This card game I stared creating a long time ago but I thought that I had lost it in the move to Sydney. Finding the unfinshed files I’m really wanting to take this project off my todo list .. So I’m going to be focusing on this for a short period of time .

Cosplay & Body Painting.. What you need to know.

So you are a super hot Cosplay model … or maybe you are going to be one. Here are a few things to consider before getting body painted …

Use only body paint!!

If you have not seen my previous post on why to not use Acrylic as body paint.. Acrylics as Bodypaint    if you are one of those “It will not happen to  me” kind of people .. let me give you a better reason .. unless you are going as "The Painting of Dorian Gray" or the "dandruff avanger "don’t use acrylic .. Using acrylic as bodypaint is a surefire way to label yourself as an amateur artist!  Acrylic as body paint looks like crap! With acrylic it starts to Shrink while the paint is drying that and it’s not all that flexible. The result is cracking and peeling. We will not even discuss what it’s going to do to your shower …can we say EPIC Mess!

Bring a change of clothing

Always bring a bag with you.. you never know it might get cold. The place where the after party is being held does not allow people with body paint to sit on their chairs. (I has happened before).

Hair spray and touch-up makeup

unless you are bringing your artist with you to do touch ups ..try to bring a little bit of the body paint with you for touch ups. Hair spray is really good for making sure that part that seems to be rubbing off all the time STAY! ..

Bring a bodyguard ..

I’m not sure why guys can be assholes about this .. but it does happen .. most cosplayers have learned this one already but if this is your first time .. bring someone along. Though I have never heard of anyone getting attacked I have had one of my models bitch slap some douchebag who’s hands moved into unwelcome area.

Bring Soap.

Hotel rooms love to have nice soaps ..those don’t always work well for removing body paint. So bring dish soap .. yes that is right bring Dish soap! Works well …. it’s cheap and you can find it anywhere.

Where are you going to put your phone?

Yes I know a bag is not exactly going to go with your costume … but this is what the body guard is for … (see like a swiss army knife… they also hold cameras .. fetch you water and hold your swag)

Body paint is not meant to last 24 hours ..

So if you don’t get the bodypaint off before 9 hours you are risking staining .. Yes I said it correctly stain .. this is not like henna or anything drastic like that ..but it is something to consider if you have an interview the next day better consider washing the face REALLY good before going to bed ..

Body paint rubs off on your costume.

Now there are ways to protect your costume ..mostly by making sure that the body paint is well sealed. Also you can use baby power put across all the high contact areas. this will not stop the body paint rubbing off on your costume but it will help.

Bodypaint rubs off on people

That old friend you have not seen since last convention!! Look they have a similar costume idea but unlike you who is painted blue they are painted yellow … here comes the HUG!!!  now you both have green bodypaint …  (you laugh but its happened)

Body paint does rub off on bystanders. The heat of the convention centre does add to this effect. The better the paint job the less likely this is going to be a problem.

Body paint is scratchy and tastes bad!

So you meet the love of your life who just happens to be body painted to look like Thor! Love at first sight! Story book dreams! and .. Yuck! .

There are a few things nastier then the taste of body paint .. I really have not found one yet. This can be a mood breaker … Clean up first.

So with these tips you can actually enjoy your cosplay-bodypaint experience. After all both body painting and cosplay are about having fun.  

First time at an Art Auction

I have always wanted to go to an art auction. As you can imagine I love art and not just bodypainting.

This last month we took our family on an Alaskan cruise. One of the many surprises on the ship was an art gallery and an auction. Walking through the gallery I found a few new artists that have inspired me such as Picasso & Steven Hanks  . The gallery was doing everything they could to properly hang as many paintings and provide lighting that would do the works justice. I was not surprised to overhear some art collectors comment on the various paintings. I did not imagine this would be a place to collect fine art, but I guess I was not correct in this assumption. Talking with the staff I found them to be very knowledgeable in the history of each artist and was impressed by how much they could tell me about the techniques even though they did not paint themselves. (They got it about 80% correct.)

Now the real surprise was to see etchings from Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt!! These of course were not the more popular or well known works by these artists but still done by the artists themselves. Big ticket items to be sure. And here I am inspired and nothing to paint or draw with.

 The fine art auction!

The auction was to be held in one of the restaurants on the ship. This made total sense being that they would have more space than the tiny gallery and the cruise ship had another 8 restaurants on onboard including a huge buffet room. Walking up to the restaurant a very angry (and may I add very large) man was arguing with one of the gallery signs, as if it would respond to him. “Fucking art auctions!! I wanted to eat here!” His wife attempted to calm him down, saying “It’s ok honey; it’s only day two of the cruise.” I should receive a medal for not rolling my eyes.  

The “preview” session had an even larger selection of art than what was shown at the gallery. This auction was going to be exciting! I was handed my bidding card. I looked at the card with a little apprehension. I have seen in the movies where someone had accidentally bid on a big ticket item. It was a little intimidating. Walking through the art really got me to think. There was more than one fine art nudes that caught my attention. As well as some acrylic pallet landscapes that could really take your breath away. For the first time, I really wanted to hang someone else’s work on my walls.

Sitting down in the audience the auctioneer swaggered in. He was the art equivalent of a car salesman. Coming from 15 years in sales, I have seen guys like this before. He’s got a job to do, and that that is to sell. I have to give him this; he was very knowledgeable, and was good at hiding his personal opinion about some of the paintings he did not like. (Have I mentioned I am good at reading people?) Now as much as he smacked of “salesman” he was made the rules very clear. And easy to understand, even for a beginner. This was the point where I sat on my bidding card just to be sure my art collection did not grow prematurely!

The collection of art for bidding started with some good names like Peter Max, Yaacov Agam and  Csaba Markus

… And of course some artists that I am not impressed with, but are well known and draw bidders like the late Thomas Kinkade. (I noted for this artist the auctioneer talked more of the collection value of the painting and not the painting style as he did with the other artists.) Then finally some big ticket items like (Wait… where is my bidding card…still under my ass… Good stay there!) like Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt!!!  Both Picasso and Rembrandt were original etchings and worth every penny. The room was worked up about the auction! I could feel myself getting caught up in the excitement. (Still I checked to make sure my bidder card was not flying around anywhere making me a very broke man.) I waited till the bidding for the last time was over before standing up. The successful Collectors seemed very happy with what they had purchased.

I think the best part of attending a live art auction was for the most part the items were the real deal. Original works, A few were prints. Surely better than looking at flat images on the internet, and I noticed how originals had more depth than prints.

At this point, I  started to really think about becoming an art collector and not just an artist. There is something about owning the real Thing and not just a digital copy or a flat print. I started to note the artists that I really admire and hoping I could find a local art auction here in Sydney. Now to weigh the decision. Collect art or create art?

My list of artist that I would love to have on my walls!!

  • Romero Britto

  • Itzchak Tarkay

  • Damian Hurst

  • Yaacov Agam

  • Peter Max

  • Csaba Markus

  • Tomasz Rut

  • Toyokuni

  • Toshihide

  • Charles Lee

  • Stephen Hanks

  • Kogyo

  • Nishimura Hodo  

  • Peter Nixon

  • Michael Milkin

  • Lora Zombie

Though I figure others in the crowd had dreams of becoming rich because they invested in art. I dream of becoming rich because someone else sees my work as valuable. I started to think if one of my prints or some work by Craig Tracy would get a good price. Time will tell. Until then, I will collect art that inspires me to create better art!

Oct 5
Still working on the backdrop #painting #artist #art #bodypainting #bodyart #sydney #backdrop #mural #bondi #marrickville

Still working on the backdrop #painting #artist #art #bodypainting #bodyart #sydney #backdrop #mural #bondi #marrickville

Another framed painting of mine ..this one with a mirror background #bodypainting #bodyart #fineart #art #artist #creative #artcollecting #gallery #frame #painting #painted #interior #buyart

Another framed painting of mine ..this one with a mirror background #bodypainting #bodyart #fineart #art #artist #creative #artcollecting #gallery #frame #painting #painted #interior #buyart

This is how my art was meant to displayed !!! #fineart #bodypaint #bodypainting #artist #art #artcollecting #collection #creativity #sydney #interior #design

This is how my art was meant to displayed !!! #fineart #bodypaint #bodypainting #artist #art #artcollecting #collection #creativity #sydney #interior #design

Why does Facebook hate body art?

Interview with co-founder of Cameleon body paint on the topic of the Facebook ban. 

Cover artists 

Trina Merry ,

Kevin C Mason ,

Monique Huys

In the Video UV body painting performed at Lazybones in Sydney.